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Psychology Service

Who is our service for?

We work across the Trust, supporting people of all ages who have many kinds of mental health problems or psychological issues.

How do we help?

Psychologists look at people, the mind, and behaviours. Through this, we can learn how to help improve someone’s mental health and psychological well-being. One of the ways we help people is through ‘talking treatments’. The belief behind talking treatments is that by speaking with a psychologist a person can find and explore ways to cope and deal with their problems.

People need our support for different amounts of time. Some people may only want one or two sessions with us. Others may want a number of sessions over a number of months. Sessions usually last about one hour, and involve the person, with family members sometimes invited, talking with the psychologist about things that the person feels are important.

The Psychology Service supports people who are already using Trust services. For those people who are not using Trust services, the Counselling Service can provide support for people with a range of emotional difficulties.

How do you access or refer into our service?

How someone accesses the psychology service depends on which service the person is being supported by in the Trust.

  • An older person wanting our help must be referred by a psychiatrist
  • A child or young person wanting our help must be referred by a GP or primary health care professional, such as a health visitor or school health nurse
  • An adult wanting our help must be referred to the appropriate team in the service for adults
  • Someone who has learning disabilities and wants our help can contact us at heath lane Hospital or be referred by their health or care worker
  • Someone who has alcohol or drug issues and wants our help must be referred to the Anchor Project
  • Someone who has issues with food and wants our help must be referred to the Eating Disorders Service
  • We also work with people who are experiencing difficulties with their physical health. This service can be accessed by a referral from Sandwell General Hospital consultants.

How do you contact us?

For information on psychology and counselling within the Trust, and information on how to make a referral, contact Anne Crawford-Docherty by e-mail on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post at 10 St Michaels Court, off Victoria Street, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B70 8ET.