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Sandwell Carers Service

The Carers Service is for the carers of Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust patients who are in receipt of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Learning disabilities services or Adult/Older adult mental health services in the Sandwell area (a carer can be a relative or friend of the patient).


carers team photo 0419How to Contact Us

The Sandwell Carers Service is located at:
Bristnall Hall Road
B68 9TX
Telephone Number 0121 612 6000

Operational hours:
Monday – Thursday 9AM – 5PM
Friday 9AM – 4:30PM
(We do planned out of hours work for working carers)

What we offer carers

All carers caring for a BCPFT patient will be offered their own assessment. This will identify the help you require. The assessment is to enhance your caring role and to help you stay well so that you can continue your caring safely.
During the assessment you will have an opportunity to tell us exactly what you do on a day to day basis to help your relative or friend. The care plan will include things to help you carry out your caring role more easily for example: help with benefits, housing, medication; the care plan is individual to your needs.
Too often carers tell us that they do not understand the illness or its treatments. If at assessment you tell us this we will arrange for either group or one to one psycho/educational sessions. These sessions are specifically aimed at carers.
Information and advice will be offered to all carers. The information will vary from carer to carer based on your individual needs.
Carers tell us that they often feel alone, confused and unsure on what to do once they become a carer. We will advocate on your behalf. We will help to empower you to have your say; this could be at ward rounds, outpatients or any other appointment specific to your caring responsibilities.
Once assessed you will be allocated a keyworker who will jointly agree your care plan and together you will work through identified needs. This will be offered over 12 sessions. After the 12 sessions you will exit the service.
You will be offered the opportunity to access:

- Peer Support groups throughout the 6 towns of Sandwell
- Invitation to attend an established carers forum (bi-monthly)
- You can be put on a mailing list to receive a bi-monthly carers newsletter.
- Offered to be referred to Sandwell Cope (a self-help carers group)


What has been the most beneficial support for you as a carer?


Knowing people are there for me.

Advice and information when needed.

Benefit knowing there is a Carers Team and they are there to support you whenever you need them.

My Support Worker is a life line to me.

Having someone to talk to when I need help or advice. It has been reassuring knowing that someone can help me, I don’t feel so isolated.

To help me support and understand my sons illness. The carer’s team have given me information to help my son with housing. The different forums they put on have helped me greatly.

My support worker is extremely good to my son and, she goes out of her way to help us.

To be there on my lowest point.

Able to discuss problems with LP.

It’s helped me understand more about Mental Health. The carer’s team help people cope with problems.

To join the carer’s team it has helped me understand my son’s illness and have someone to listen to.

Having a carer support worker. Without LP as my support worker I could not have coped with my daughter on my own. An excellent service has been provided to me and I am able to learn all about my daughter’s illness. I have had support not only from LP but all the other carers. I have met and made friends with. Also the respite has helped me so much.

Being able to pick up the phone and speak to someone whenever I need to and seeing my carer support worker regularly to discuss any problems I may have.

LP my support worker. And I can phone Carers Team at any time and speak to other support workers about my problems if LP is not there. LP has sorted out a lot of problems for me; I would be lost without her. She helped us set up Sandwell Cop, where we help other carers.

To know that LP and her team are always there to provide support. In recent times we have experienced exceptionally difficult/stressful times with my brothers (twins) and had it not been for LP giving advice and accessing support, I have no doubt that the adults that we care for would be in a very difficult position today.

LP and team are there when I need them. As a carer I don’t get any respite, I did get it in the past when LP had funding without LP & DK I don’t know where I would be.

Knowing you have someone to turn to, having help at hand instead of having to wait or fight for appointments.

It’s beneficial to me and LP supports me. If it wasn’t for LP I would be in the system too.

LP has supported me and my sister in the last ten years, her help has been invaluable. We know we can ring when there is a problem with our brothers and she will come out and see them with us and try her best to resolve the issues that have concerned and worried us. She also helps and supported the Cope Group from the beginning, encouraging us to advise and help new carers, also offering training and raise funds and a few trips.

Knowing I have a carer’s support worker gives me great reassurance when my husband becomes unwell. The carers team have been brilliant both me and my husband.

Meeting other carers, talking to them, going to men’s support group weekly, Gives me confidence which has helped me enormously, going to forums has given me lots of advice.

As a carer I find that having a men’s group every Friday with other carers. We all meet on Fridays and have a chat, I always look forward to going.

The carers Team as a whole. The Adult M H Carers Team has been a god send and made all the difference to my life as a carer. My life would have been very different in a bad way if it weren’t for the Carers Team.

All the staff go above and beyond their roles to help carers.

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How to refer

Referral forms:

Internal BCPFT Referral / Self referral Form pdf Click Here
Internal BCPFT Crisis Service can refer by telephone: 0121 612 6000

GP Referral Form pdf Click Here

What happens once referred?

Crisis team referrals
Will be responded to within 24 hours Monday – Friday or 72 hours over weekends + Bank Holidays.

Community Team Referrals
Access to one to one support will be offered within 14 working days on receipt of referral.

Carers can only self-refer if the cared for person is currently open to a BCPFT  (Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust) service. Self-referrals will be seen within 14 days or 72 hours if it is a crisis situation.

Universal information
Access to the universal information will be offered within 7 working days upon receipt of referral.

Who to contact if you are in a crisis

Sandwell Crisis Team (For Mental Health) - 0121 543 4100

Sandwell CAMHS Crisis Team - 0121 612 6620 

Sandwell Mental Health Liaison Service based at A+E Department Sandwell General Hospital - 0121 507 3258

Social Services:
Adults Services - (9AM - 5PM) - 0121 569 2266
Children Services - (9AM - 5PM) - 0121 569 3100
Emergency Duty Team - (5PM - 9AM) -  0121 569 2355
Sandwell COPE (Carers self-help group) - Telephone: 07530 507470 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - flogo rgb hex brc site 20 Facebook Page

What the service offers in other languages

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