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Criminal Justice Mental Health Liaison Team

Who is our service for?

Our team aims to help people who have, or may have, mental health problems and are in contact with the Criminal Justice System. We cover all areas of the Criminal Justice System, including courts, prisons, the probation service, and hostels.

How do we help?

Our team is made up of three community mental health workers with experience and training in this area.

We work in all areas of the Criminal Justice System, trying to help people whose mental health needs might otherwise be ignored.

Our work takes us to the magistrate courts in Sandwell. Every day we visit the court cell blocks to check if there are prisoners who have mental health problems. We can do many things if we find out that someone has mental health problems. We can advise the court of the person’s mental health problems and the options they have under the Mental Health Act. We can help the person get in touch with local mental health services, or a GP. We can inform court and prison custody staff if someone is at risk of suicide or self-harm.

We work with Sandwell Probation Service to help people who are under community probation orders or supervision. We give advice and take referrals from probation staff who have concerns about someone’s mental health. If we feel this person can use our help, then we’ll spend time with this them to work out what their needs are. Once we have done this we can help the person get in touch with a service that is right for them.

There are no prisons in Sandwell, so residents with mental health problems could be moved to prisons all over the country. Once they are in prison, the prison’s own mental healthcare workers support these people. However, we try to give information and advice to the healthcare workers about Sandwell residents. Similarly, someone with mental health needs might be leaving prison to live in Sandwell. If we are aware of this, we aim to help this person find the care that is right for them back in the community.

How do you access or refer into our service?

A lot of our work is proactive. This means that we go out looking for people who have mental health needs but who haven’t been referred. However, we do receive referrals, either on the telephone or face-to-face. Most of our referrals come from professionals such as probation staff, custody officers, solicitors, prison-based mental health workers and court staff.

What happens in an emergency?

We can’t offer help in a mental health emergency, so people involved in an emergency should contact our ‘single point of access’, Psychiatric Liaison Service.

What about carers and families?

In our adult service, we have a Carers Team who give support to people caring for an adult with mental health problems. Click here to read more about the support the Carers Team can give.

How do you reach us?

Sandwell Criminal Justice Mental Health Team 
Delta House 
Delta Point 
Greets Green Road
West Browich
B70 9PL

Tel: 0121 612 6709

We work Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, from our base in West Bromwich. We have a telephone answering service out of hours. People can leave messages on the answer phone, and we will get back to them as soon as possible.