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Wolverhampton Memory Assessment Service

Who is our service for?

We offer services for people over 65 years of age with suspected dementia.

How do we help?

Our memory clinic is a specialist clinic at Penn Hospital in Wolverhampton.  We offer assessment and possible treatment for people with Alzheimer's disease or mix type dementia. 

The memory clinic is run by nursing staff, consultants in old age psychiatry and a psychologist.  It is designed as a “one stop” assessment and treatment centre.

The main purpose of the memory clinic is to assess people’s memory and general functioning.  This is in order to offer any information or support and to decide whether there are any treatments that might help. 

We also provide additional information or advice you may need about memory problems and also inform you about other services or support that may be helpful to your situation.

Who can refer into our service?

Access to the Memory Clinic is through your GP.

What about carers and families?

Part of our role is to support carers. We offer carer support as part of the treatment plan. We can help the carer get in touch with the specialist carer support team for older adults

How do you reach us?

Clinics are held at:

Brooklands Health Centre
Brooklands Parade,
WV1 2 ND

Tel: 01902 442391

The clinic operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with consultant clinics are on Tuesday and Wednesday. Please note the clinic does not open on bank holidays.