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Penn Hospital

Who is our service for?

We give intensive 24-hour in-patient care to people who need more support than we can give them in the community.

How do we help?

From the first day someone enters the hospital, we work with that person to help them become well enough to return home. People stay for different lengths of time, but most people stay for between 2 and 6 weeks. People stay on one of our two wards, Brook (male) and Dale (female).

To help people get better we encourage them to take control of their own care. We do this by helping people learn more about how they can get better, and how they can manage their own medication and symptoms.

We also encourage people to make as much use of the many groups we run in the hospital. There are chances to enjoy things such as music, gardening, baking and physical activities. These groups can help people to relax, spend time with other people, and become more confident.

Nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and psychiatrists are the staff that help people on their journey towards recovery. Each person will also have what we call a ‘key worker’. Each person will have one-to-one therapeutic time with their key worker, on dates set out in their care plan. The key worker makes sure that the person is getting the kind of care they need. They also make sure that the person feels they are working with staff towards getting well enough to return home.

Once someone does start to feel better, we can support them as they settle back into the community. When someone leaving Penn Hospital still needs less intensive support, we might refer to our Home Treatment Team or one of our community-based mental health teams.

Who can refer into our service?

Access to beds is through our referral and assessment or home treatment teams. These teams will first ensure that an individual’s care cannot be adequately met in the community with their support.

What about carers and families?

We know that carers and families will feel a lot of strong emotions when a loved one has to enter hospital. Although we focus on the patient for the first few days, we try to see family members and carers within three days. A service user's key worker normally meets families and carers and will, once consent has been given, try to answer any questions they have.

In most cases, relatives are asked to visit within the stipulated visiting times. However, if children are being brought to visit a relative the nurse coordinating the shift will need to be informed before the visit. This is to make sure the family room is available. The nurse in charge will also need to be consulted if relatives would like to arrange to visit outside of visiting times. This is to make sure the ward environment is stable.

How do you reach us?

Staff will be working on the wards 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.


Penn Hospital,
Penn Road,

01902 444141