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Spiritual Care (Chaplaincy)

Who is our service for?

Our service is for anyone who is receiving support from one of the teams or services in the Trust.


How do we help?

The spiritual part of someone’s life can be an aid towards recovery and a comfort and strength in times of stress and anxiety. Ensuring that people can draw on this spirituality is an essential part of helping someone towards better well-being. We know not all people express their spirituality or beliefs through a particular faith or religion. With this in mind, we make sure our support is as much for those who don’t follow a particular faith or spiritual tradition as it is for those who do.

We have the experience and the qualifications to support people of various faiths and spiritual traditions. One of the main ways we offer care is through 1-to-1 sessions. These can involve someone talking to us about their life, beliefs, and values, and can touch on psychological and social, as well as religious or spiritual themes. We also run group sessions, often in partnership with other healthcare professionals, where people can explore their spirituality.

As well as running these groups, we make sure that people have the opportunities and the places to practice their faith or reflect on their beliefs. There are prayer/quiet rooms on each main Trust site where people can reflect and find peace. We organise events to celebrate certain religious and cultural festivals. We raise awareness of the benefits of spirituality and spiritual healthcare among staff members, so that they are able to meet someone’s spiritual needs. We also maintain links with local faith communities and use them as a resource when needed. SCT


The Team

Our Team of chaplains cover the whole Trust. Each member of the team is from a different faith or spiritual tradition including Sikh, Hindu, Muslim (male and female) and the Christian denominations of Church of England, Pentecostal and Orthodox.

We can also provide roman Catholic support as well. Although we come from these different backgrounds, we are respectful of the different faiths and beliefs we encounter.


How do you access or refer into our service?

Someone can refer themselves simply by ringing the team or by asking a staff member to get in touch with us on their behalf.


What about families and carers?

Carers can also get in touch with us if they want to talk about their own spiritual life, or if they want to find support in their role as a carer.


How do you reach us?

One of the team members is usually available 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Edward Street Community Base
Edward Street
West Bromwich
B70 8NL
Mobile: 07813 015325
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.