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Interpretation and Translation Services

It is very important to us that all people should have equal access to our services, and receive consistent care throughout their time with us. Part of this is ensuring that the services provided are appropriate and accessible to all who use our services including those from vulnerable or diverse communities, their families and carers. Diversity found within the Black Country results in many people accessing the Trust’s services whose first language is not English and also includes those who have a sensory impairment or learning disability.

Making sure people are understood, and that information is shared accurately, is also crucial for effective care. Poor communication in healthcare can lead to a risk of wrong diagnosis and treatment and service users feeling misunderstood or confused.

To ensure good communication and equal access we offer an interpretation and translation service for people using, or likely to use, our services whose first language is not English. Interpreters or translation services can be provided not only for people whose first language is not English, but also for people who are blind or partially sighted, and people who are deaf or hearing impaired. We are also working to make sure that all information in and around the Trust is in formats that are clear and accessible.

Someone’s need for an interpreter should be noted and acted upon during the person’s initial assessment by one of our teams. However, if this is not the case, people can request interpreters at any time.

For its interpreting and translation needs the Trust uses Absolute Interpreting & Translation Services, a locally based, but internationally used, innovative organisation. Absolute works in partnership with us to facilitate sensitive and effective communication.

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For any queries or more information about interpreting or translation please contact the Head of Diversity & Spirituality on 0121 612 8067.