Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
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Open and Honest

As a Trust, we have made the commitment to be more open and honest with our patients, visitors and the general public. We believe that this is how a modern NHS Trust should be - open and accountable to the public and patients, and always driving improvements in care.

We are one of a number of NHS organisations who have pledged to be part of the ‘Open and honest care: driving improvement’ programme. This programme supports organisations to become more transparent and consistent in publishing safety, effectiveness and experience data; with the overall aim of improving practice and culture. In order to enhance how transparent we are, we are regularly publishing a set of patient outcomes and patient and staff experience measures so that our patients and the public can see how we are performing in certain areas.

Please click on the links below to view the monthly reports for our Trust which relate to a variety of key areas in three specific categories: safety, experience and improvement.