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BCPFT/DWMH Joint Quality Improvement initiative launch 2019/2020

Partnership working is a fundamental element to our organisation and has become a prevalent priority in the last few months, as it is a significant theme in our Quality First Framework and will aid our merger journey with Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership Trust (DWMH).We are already making positive leaps in our merger journey, and this progress will only continue to grow in the coming months, as commencing from the 25th September, our Trust and DWMH will be part of the first ever joint Quality Improvement Programme.

We’re pleased to confirm this new development and we not only look forward to working together on joint projects but also see them flourish and evolve. We hope that the programme will support us in getting to know more about each other’s services, as well as learning about improvement methods, as we work together to solve problems. 

The Programme is broken down into five days which will equip staff with skills, knowledge of quality improvement techniques and tools that will help them identify issues and problems that the application of improvement methodology could help address. Each day will cover improvement methods including PDSA cycles, sustainability models, thinking differently, process mapping and human factors. These methods will support the teams and give them the skills they need to undertake improvements within the organisation.

Whilst the cohort for this year's Programme is closed, it will be open again in future to all staff who have a problem or issue they would like to help solve within their local team or the wider organisation. 

Below are the names of the projects they will undertake:

  1. Sexual Safety MH wards

  2. Mouth Care Matters Implementation

  3. Research and Innovation

  4. Improving Quality and Consistency of Clinical Documentation

We are grateful to the NHS Leadership Academy for supporting delivery of the programme. We look forward to hearing about your quality improvement journeys!