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!4th Suicide prevention symposium huge success

The 14th Annual Suicide Prevention Symposium was held at The Beeches, Wolverhampton this year, and was once again hailed a huge success by attendees.

This year the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day was Working Together to Prevent Suicide.

The symposium was introduced to the audience by Joyce Fletcher, Executive Director of Nursing, AHPs and Governance, with the first speakers to take to the floor being the Trust's very own   Dr Nilamadhab Kar and Dr Tulika Prasad, who presented a clinical audit on the suicides in Wolverhampton.

Dr David Boyda, Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing, University of Wolverhampton presented an interesting research on parental psychopathology, adult attachment and risk of 12-month suicidal behaviours. This provided a key understanding about the influence of parental mental health and attachments issues linking to suicidality.

Suicide in Older People was presented by Dr Ayesha Bangash, Consultant Psychiatrist from Yorkshire; who also discussed the emerging issues related to physician assisted death as well. There was a very useful talk on factors influencing self-harm in children and ddolescents, highlighting current concerns presented by Dr Toni Stafford, Consultant Psychiatrist, CAMHS, Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust.

All in all an extremely useful, interesting and thought provoking day.