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ECT service receives accreditation

Staff from the ECT team at Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust were delighted to hear they had once again been awarded full accreditation by the ECT Accreditation Service (ECTAS) of the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ for its services. This accreditation covers a period of three years subject to a satisfactory interim review.

The team, based at Edward Street Hospital in West Bromwich, were part of the continuing accreditation scheme and have previously been accredited as ‘excellent’, but changes were announced to the accreditation process last year and ‘accreditation as excellent’ has now been phased out.  Under the new scheme there are three categories of accreditation - ‘accredited’, ‘deferred’ or ‘not accredited’.

Dr Manikoth, Consultant Psychiatrist said, “On behalf of the ECT team, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Dr Choudry for the support he offered us on the day of the inspection, and I would also like to thank my consultant colleagues who also completed the questionnaires as part of the accreditation process. Thanks must also go out to our Lead ECT nurse, Tina Hall, for all the hard work she puts in to ensure that the Trust delivers a high quality service to our patients.”

Dr Manikoth, added: “This accreditation is important. It shows this treatment option is well regulated and provides another reassuring safeguard. ECT is an effective treatment for those with severe mental illness who do not respond to medications and other psychological treatments.”

The Electro-convulsive Therapy Accreditation Scheme was launched in May 2003. Its purpose is to assure and improve the quality of the administration of electro-convulsive therapy.

Electro-convulsive therapy is prescribed to patients who suffer from severe depression and on the rare occasion to those with serious mental disorders. The treatment uses an electrical current that passes through the brain. There is evidence that severe depression is caused by problems with certain brain chemicals. It is thought that ECT causes the release of these chemicals and, probably more importantly, makes the chemicals more likely to work and so help recovery.