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Celebrating relationships for Mental Health Awareness Week

To mark Mental Health Awareness week patients, carers, families and staff were asked to contribute art, photography and poetry for an exhibition celebrating this 
years' MHAW theme of relationships and why good relationships are essential to maintaining good mental health. 

The aim of the exhibition is to showcase the people, places and connections in our lives that support our wellbeing and help us to thrive.  pdf You can view all the entries online in our 'virtual exhibition'  or drop into Penn Hospital reception to see all the contributions on display in the gallery area. 

A big shout out to Denise Tooth, Mental Health Liaison service and Wolverhampton Healthy Minds team who have together been raising awareness across the week by hosting a stand at New Cross Hospital filled to the brim with information on our services and top tips in how to improve your mental health. 

This national week was created by the Mental Health Foundation with the aim of encouraging people to talk more openly about the issues that surround mental health and to raise awareness of the issues people face. It is also a time to get people thinking about their own mental wellbeing.

More about the week can be found on Mental Health Foundation’s website.