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Trust awarded £20,000 grant to fund research

We have been awarded a £20,000 grant to support work researching innovative treatments for our patients.

The grant was awarded to our Research and Innovation Team by West Midlands Clinical Research Network. West Midlands Clinical Research Network work collaboratively with NHS providers to maximise the opportunities patients have to take part in clinical trails and ultimately improve their care.

The money will be put towards funding a new clinical trial facility, increasing the opportunities available for vital research and development across all our services including our Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Children, Young People and Families Services.

The clinical trial facility will allow the Trust to be involved in pharmaceutical research which will give our patients opportunities to participate in clinical trials and access drugs currently unavailable on the NHS.

Jo Tomkins, commented "we are ecstatic to have been awarded this grant. It will mean we will be able to conduct clinical trials making sure the Trust stays at the forefront of development.

It is an important step for us and will enable our patients to access new innovative treatments to improve their health and wellbeing".