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Improving Sandwell’s secondary mental health services – your view counts

At the start of December 2013 the Trust launched a public consultation on secondary mental health services in Sandwell.

The consultation asks people to consider changes in both adult and older adult secondary mental health services to improve their quality and to make them fit for purpose.

The proposals aim to balance the need for more care in the community with the needs of people who really do require a spell in hospital. We want to do more to promote secondary mental health services in the community and in doing so make people comfortable with mental health as a growing factor in people’s lives today and in turn help to reduce stigma.

The redesign will also explore the development of some more specialist services. We are sure that, through genuine partnerships (for instance with the Local Authority and the voluntary and community sector), we can build on what has already been established and achieve the highest possible standards for Sandwell’s secondary mental health service.

The proposed model has been co-produced with Sandwell and West Birmingham’s CCG (who commission our services). We welcome people’s views on this consultation and urge you to have your say as we need to know if we’re headed in the right direction.

The formal public consultation period will run from 2nd December 2013 to 28th February 2014 for 13 weeks. The closing date for comments is 21st February 2014.

A programme of meetings and briefings will be held as part of the formal consultation. These are listed below:

Date Location Attendees
Monday 13th January Sandwell Council House Local NHS stakeholders
Friday 24th January Sandwell Council House CCG's and Professionals
Wednesday 5th February   Carter's Green Business centre   GP's
Friday 14th February Venue to be confirmed Open Mic - CCG

You can read the full consultation document and a shorter overview presentation by clicking on the links below. Both of these tell you how you can give us your feedback.