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Trust launches new app to support mental health service users manage their consultations

Consultations for a mental health problem can be quite stressful for service users owing to the stigma attached to mental ill health, uncertainties about conditions and treatment, and limited time. Service users may have burning questions in mind but be afraid to ask them or simply forget to once inside the consultation room.

QDoc is a user friendly mobile application that puts service users in the driving seat at their appointments. Created by Trust psychiatrist Prof. Saeed Farooq, visiting professor at the centre of ageing and mental health at Staffordshire University, the app will enable service users to manage their consultation so that they get the most out of the contact with their psychiatrist. App users will be able to store the date and time of their appointment, choose appropriate questions from a carefully selected list of frequently asked questions, add their own notes during or after the appointment or simply print questions to take with them. The app removes the need for people to bring handwritten notes as well as the hassle of trying to find them during the consultation.

The main feature of QDoc is list of questions organised under several headings. As an example, the heading 'talking therapies and alternative medicine', provides questions such as: what are my options if I do not take medicine? There is a comprehensive list of questions covering different topics such as treatment options, care plans, how treatment will affect me and what I can tell others about my condition.

The questions are prepared and selected by a psychiatrist with extensive clinical experience as well as passion for involving service users and carers in evidence based treatments. People using QDoc at their appointments will have their list of selected questions on their phone during the consultation. This will help people to set the agenda for their consultation to take control of their session by asking the right questions.

The android based app QDoc is now available free of cost on 'Google Play Store'. Click here to download the app.