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Watch out flu's about!

flu2As winter approaches the flu virus begins to thrive and infects more people across the country than any other time of the year. We have begun our flu campaign offering all our staff vaccinations to help protect themselves, their families and our patients. It is estimated that during a mild flu season 1 in 4 healthcare workers will contract the flu as they are out on the front line of the battle.

Flu can be a severe and highly infectious illness and can take anything up to two weeks to recover from even in an adult who is healthy to begin with. It can also be much more serious especially to the elderly and people with underlying conditions, leading to chest infections, severe complications and even death.

Avoiding flu can be difficult especially as it can be passed on through sneezing, coughing and even hand contact.

A flu vaccine is available free on the NHS for:

·         pregnant women
·         children aged two and three
·         children aged 2-18 with a long-term health condition
·         adults aged 65 or older
·         people with a serious medical condition
·         healthcare workers or carers
·         people living in a residential or nursing home

The flu vaccine is available now. If you think you need it, talk to your GP or practice nurse.

Know the facts

Myths about flu and the jab are everywhere but flu can be serious and even fatal, click here to download the facts and sort out the myths from the truth when it comes to the flu and the jab.