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Esther On The Run For Charity


Esther Whitten a community learning disability nurse working in Wolverhampton will be running in this year’s London Marathon in memory of her friend, Siobhan.  Esther said, “I had always wanted to run a marathon and the death of Siobhan a few days before the marathon last year made it a real now or never moment for me”.  

And so it was with great anticipation that Esther completed her application form.  Waiting until October to find out if she had a place seemed like an eternity but when she found out that she’d been granted one of the 50 charity places, from hundreds of applicants, she was ecstatic.  Then the euphoria subsided and the realisation of what she’d done hit!

Would she be fit enough to run 26 miles 385 yards, would she get the £2,500 minimum sponsorship, would she have time to do all the training?  Normal life as she knew it was about to be put on hold.

The first thing that loomed large was the minimum £2,500 she had to raise. So the fact that she hadn’t done any real running in a long time spurred her on to find those running shoes from the back of the cupboard!  Then in January the serious stuff began and she started to concentrate on her ‘marathon run training plan’.  

With a copy taped to her wardrobe it’s the first thing she sees in the morning and the last thing she sees at night.  And just to keep her on track there’s a copy taped to the desk in her office.  A constant reminder of what can and what can’t be done – can’t let her friend down, can’t let her family, friends and supporters down, can’t let the charity down, can’t let herself down.  It’s these things that help Esther get up early on cold and frosty Sunday mornings to run 18 miles. These things that are helping her achieve the fitness to run the 26 miles 385 yards to glory.  These are the things that are spurring her on to try and double the £2,500 minimum sponsorship that she needs.

Like all marathoners, Esther’s run will be a mixture of pleasure and pain, personal glory and a gesture to others as she runs to keep the memories of Siobhan alive and raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign.  If you would like to support Esther you can by:

  • Visiting
  • Text  WFYW88£ then an amount to 70070 – example: WFYW88£1
  • Fill your details in on her sponsor form if it lands on your desk
  • Look out for raffle tickets – there are some super prizes

Esther says “No donation is too small, I will be grateful for every single £1 donation that is made.  The amount donated doesn’t matter but getting people involved does”.

Esther is running to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign.  To find out more about the campaign visit and you can ‘be part of the cure’.