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Vision and Values Event a huge success

Later in the year we are going to take on a range of services, under the Government’s Transforming Community Services (TCS) agenda, from other local health and social care providers across the Black Country.  These services include:

  • Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and Substance Misuse Services from Wolverhampton
  • Learning Disability services from Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton, and
  • Children, Young People and Families’ services from Dudley

When the services have transferred to us the Trust will become a new organisation, more than double the size it is now and cover a much wider geographical area.

Hand in hand with a new organisation comes change and new ways of working.  That’s why on 1st and 2nd February we held an event with our partner organisations from across the Black Country to discuss what the vision, values and goals of the new organisation should be.

With a new organisation there is always a new name and in opening the event, Chief Executive, Karen Dowman, announced that the new name is to be Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  This was well received by the audience of over 300 who felt it was an appropriate and inclusive name for the organisations coming together.
Yes, over 300 staff, service users, carers, members and governors came together to have their say.  And have their say, they did!  The opening gambit to relax people was to ask them to talk about an item they had brought along that represented the Black Country to them.  This really did get everyone engaged and talking.  It helped people to introduce themselves to each other and feel encouraged to participate and put forward their ideas.  Which there was certainly no shortage of! 

Don Braisby, a graphic artist, captured the overall theme, feelings and outcome of the day (see images).  Bringing to life people’s thoughts and views his drawings illustrated the journey towards achieving our goals and vision. 

By the end of what was an exhilarating two half days, we were overwhelmed, not only by the quantity, but also by the quality of people’s contributions.  Having captured everybody’s views and ideas these will now be brought together to produce a new set of vision, values and goals to guide the work of our new organisation. 

Watch this space for future updates.