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Read about the Trust's Quality Council

The eagerly awaited second Quality Council event held on 3rd October 2010 was attended by 45 people.

Paul Riley, Non Executive Director and Sue Marshall, Director of Care Governance and Risk opened the proceedings by giving a short presentation outlining the agenda for the event.  They then went on to provide valuable feedback from the inaugural Quality Council held in March 2010.

The theme for the second event was ‘Quality in In-patient Services’ and poster presentations on display demonstrating the innovative work being undertaken within the Trust included:

  • Occupational Therapy out of hours activity audit at Hallam Street Hospital

  • Co-ordinated work around discharges from Hallam Street Hospital and CHTT Assessments

  • The Make a Difference Group that is run by service users and facilitated by Trust staff

  • Report and Learn Reports on governance and risk

  • Productive Wards Programme

  • Mindfulness

As with the previous Quality Council, representatives from three projects within the Trust were given the opportunity to present their work, discuss the findings and answer questions from the audience:-

  • Quality Audits of In-patient Services presented by Nigel Smith and Ron Silvester

  • ‘Equal People’ – a film presentation by Ron Taylor

  • Narrative Therapy Project Work in Adult Patient Services presented by  Samina Allie and Suzanne Whittall

Feedback* from the members who attended has been very positive with agreement that the presentations were easily understood and that overall, presenters communicated very well.  The service user involvement and personal stories were particularly well received with requests to include more of this type of narrative next time.

There were some small criticisms with regard to logistics such as the size of the room used, ability for all to see the screen and lack of ‘light blinds’.  However, overall the meeting was a huge success and was given a ‘thumbs up’.

The next Quality Council, the theme of which is ‘Service User Involvement’, is being held on 23rd March 2011 at Delta House from 4pm – 6pm.  Open to Gold Members, Governors, Non-Executives and staff the event promises to be every bit as good as previous events with service users taking centre stage.

If you are interested in attending or want further information about the Trust’s Quality Council please call Jenny Jones on 0121 612 8033.

*Feedback was gathered from 15 completed feedback summary sheets and two ‘tell us what’s on your mind’ postcards.