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Counting Life's Blessings

Emma Louis – our head of Diversity and Spirituality and an ordained priest – had a rather delightful task to perform on Tuesday 25th May. She’d been asked to bless the wedding of Debra and Peter, who had first met two years ago when they’d started using our service at Positive Choices Oldbury (our Positive Choices teams help people with mental health problems gain a sense of wellbeing in life).

In her blessing, Emma recounted Debra’s and Peter’s journey together:

As you all know, Debra and Peter met at Hillcrest 2 years ago now. It seems they didn’t get on at first, not totally love at first sight, but after a while something just clicked and they couldn’t stop chatting. They now see each other as soul mates! Debra was drawn to Peter’s nice face and his calmness, and Peter was drawn to Debra’s eyes! They are now just very much part of each other’s lives, have lots in common, and can’t imagine not being there for each other

The blessing was attended by staff from Positive Choices Oldbury and by Peter’s and Debra’s friends and fellow users of the Positive Choices service.

We wish Debra and Peter all the best for the future as they start their new life together.