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Hallam Street Sanctuary

It can be difficult, at the best of times, to find a place of refuge where we can get some peace. For people staying in a hospital environment it can be even harder. With this in mind Emma Louis, Head of Diversity and Spirituality, was delighted when, on the 31st March, she opened the Sanctuary Room at Hallam Street Hospital.

The Sanctuary is a place for people using our services at Hallam to pray or enjoy quiet, practice their faith or simply reflect. Carers and staff are also welcome to use the room. The Sanctuary is not an office or a meeting room, nor is it used for medical purposes. It is simply a place for people to come and go as they like; a place of calm in times of anxiety.


The room is for people of all faiths and none. In the room there are resources for people to make use of if they wish, including holy books, symbols, prayer mats, and meditation cushions.

The opening of the room was celebrated with hot cross buns and readings from some of the different spiritual and religious traditions represented in Sandwell. In her opening remarks Emma thanked all those who had helped to bring the room to life and stressed the importance of a hospital having “a space set aside and free to use, for people to seek out peace and quiet, where they can come and go as they like, where everybody is welcome.”

Dedication of room:

We re-dedicate this room for the use of all,
Whatever their faith or tradition.
In our reflection, prayer and meditation,
In our singing and relaxation
In our conversations and our listening
May we find peacefulness, well-being and love.
We ask for God’s blessing and the blessing of life itself.
May all who come here find strength for their journeys.