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Community Mental Health Teams - Sandwell

Who is our service for?

We have two Community Mental Health Teams covering Sandwell. The teams give community support to people with severe and enduring mental health problems such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

How do we help?

We work with people towards their individual recovery goals and at the centre of our community support is what we call a ‘care plan’. Care plans are made between ourselves and the person we will be supporting. Care plans help us to plan ways to meet someone's needs following a full assessment. Developing the care plan jointly gives people a chance to take part in choosing the kind of treatments and interventions they will get and the recovery goals they will be set. Care plans help us to support people to achieve their goals such as: helping someone to recover from their mental health problems and focus on other aspects of their life, such as leisure activities or employment.

We have a wide range of staff in each area giving us a better chance of meeting someone's health and social care needs. We have Community Psychiatric Nurses, Psychologists, Social Workers, Community Care Officers and Occupational Therapists as well as Consultant Psychiatrics working in the teams.

We also work together with many local organisations in the community. These organisations can help people with such things as housing, benefits, leisure activities, and healthcare. For example, we work with Job Brokers. Job Brokers help people who have had mental health problems get back into work and training.

We hope that the recovery journey will take as short a time as possible, however, in some cases this may take some time. There are also times when we may have to refer people into one of our other services, because they need a different kind of support.

Who can refer into our service?

We normally get referrals from health professionals, especially GPs, Consultant Psychiatrists and substance misuse services.

We also get referrals from other teams in the adult service, including Primary Care Liaison Teams, Early Intervention, Hallam Street Hospital and the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team.

What happens in an emergency?

If someone currently receiving support from the Community Mental Health Teams experiences a crisis in their mental health, their care plan will state what they should do. If this is not available then they should contact their Community Mental Health Team during normal working hours.

Outside of normal working hours, service users with care plans should contact the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team on 0121 543 4100. Service Users without plans should contact their GP.

What about carers and families?

We know that carers can play a huge part in helping someone on their journey towards recovery. This is why we invite carers to be involved in making care plans, if the person being supported is happy with this.

The Trust has a Carers’ Team who can support carers of adults with mental health problems. We may be able to help a carer get in touch with this team.

In Wolverhampton the Carers' Team is led by Wolverhampton City Council, the team can make referrals for carers to their support unit.

How do you reach us?

The North Team, which covers Wednesbury, West Bromwich and Tipton areas, operates a 9am to 5pm service, Monday to Friday. 
Telephone: 0121 543 4292

The South Team, which covers Smethwick, Oldbury and Rowley Regis areas, operates a 9am to 5pm service, Monday to Friday.  
Telephone: 0121 543 4295

The Crisis Team can be contacted 24 hours a day and covers all six areas. 
Telephone: 0121 543 4100

Quayside House
Rounds Green Road

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