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Equality Strategy and Objectives

'Play Fair' provides an overarching strategy for how we will continue to develop equality and diversity within the Trust, to ensure that all are treated with fairness and respect.

The 'Play Fair' Action Plan continues to provide a work programme for the Trust's Equality & Diversity Strategic Group, as well as giving people involved in the Trust a clearer picture of how we can achieve all that we are committed to.

We are required by law to publish Equality Objectives for our organisation. The Action Plan outlines how our 4 Equality Objectives, agreed by the Trust Board, will be implemented. These objectives draw on previous Trust equality objectives, respond to feedback from our workforce, members of the Trust and representatives from the local community, and reflect the commitments made in the Easy Read 'Play Fair' document under 'What can we do in the future to make sure we are acting fairly?'

The objectives are in the areas of improving data and how we use it, better access to appropriate services, engaging with the community, and ensuring a diverse staff group that is equipped to respond well to our clients. Work has begun to see how each Division or Department will embed the actions in their delivery of services and through their structures. 'Play Fair' continues to be promoted on the new Mandatory Training Day and at the new Trust Induction which means that all staff attending (including Bank Staff) will have received a copy of it, or had it highlighted, as the Trust's approach to equality work.

You will find Play Fair below, along with an easy read, accessible version of it. You will also find a summary of our Play Fair Objectives and Action Plan.

Play Fair and our Trust Equality Objectives are in the process of being revised in line with the NHS Equality Delivery system (EDS2) and in response to recommendations from a review of equality and diversity carried out in recent months.This place will be refreshed when work is complete.

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